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The Snows of Kilimanjaro

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The Snows of Kilimanjaro

Published 1952

The story centers on the memories of a writer (Gregory Peck) who is taking a safari in Africa.
He develops a dangerous wound from a thorn prick, and lies awaiting his slow death.
The loss of physical capability causes him to look inside himself - at his memories of the past years, and how little he has actually accomplished in his writing.

Run time 117 min
Producer Darryl F. Zanuck
Production Company Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Sponsor k-otic
Audio/Visual sound, color
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Reviewer: Ekajwa - favoritefavoritefavorite - April 27, 2015
Subject: Good old Tanzania
Nice to see the Kilimanjaro in its old splendour, Gregory Peck young and handsome. The relationship between Peck and the Tanzanians is outdated but true to its time. Did not know about the Hemingway connection, an additional reason to watch
Reviewer: patt17 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 13, 2010
Subject: Hemingway's best story
Hemingway's semi-autobiographical story of the same name has a different ending, but otherwise, I think he'd approve. A superb lead actor, fine supporting cast (Leo G. Carroll adds a poignant dignity and a grace note as Harry Street's uncle, Ava Gardner is mesmerizing), excellent script, a Bernard Herrmann score (listen to the beautiful sax solo and French dance music in Paris) = a satisfying film experience. The one star review says: "Too much back story"?! The "back story" IS the story. "Too much dialog"? (as in a symphony has too many notes?) "Not enough story"? (there's nothing BUT story). Who cares about "stock footage"; this film is about human beings, not scenery. Hard to believe the one star and I watched the same film. Hemingway considered this his best story. Solve the riddle of the Snows of Kilimanjaro, and enjoy. Papa, RIP.
Reviewer: A/V Geek Skip - - November 2, 2007
Subject: PD
The film is public domain.
Reviewer: jimelena - favorite - July 25, 2007
Subject: Good Lord
Everything i don't like in a film.
But you might like it.
Too much back story, too much dialog, too much stock footage.
Not enough story.
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